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Garden Variety Style

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Gift Rap: For the considerate guest who would never arrive at a dinner party empty handed, finding the perfect gift can be daunting. Sure you can resort to the predictable bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers. But for something more creative, take a cue from New Jersey style maven, thoughtful guest themselves.



Melda Fischer, owner of Elegant Memories, an event planning firm in Teaneck, recommends filling a clear glass bowl with marbles, potpourri, and a scented candle in colors that match the host’s bathroom or living room. “They can always use it and it always smells good. “ she says.

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Questions: What reason do couples cite for hosting their wedding day in their home?

Melda Fischer, bridal consultant of Elegant Memories in Teaneck, says they do so because they want to be in familiar surroundings.

“Many couples are very sentimental “ she says. “ If they were born in their home, they want to have a beautiful wedding ceremony there. Many choose to have a ceremony inside, with a reception outside.

Only couples who have very small wedding opt to have their weddings entirely indoors. “ Since there’s usually not a lot of space, people who have indoor weddings usually have about 50 guest the most. Then they’ll clear the largest room of the house to hold the first dance.” say Fischer.

However, if you do choose to have your reception outside. And you don’t have a tent to protect you from the rain.

Of course, there’s always the old-fashioned way of dealing with rain. Says Fischer: Everyone grab a chair and make a dash for the house”


Article: Creating Memories

By: Polly Guerin

Special to The Star-Ledge

Planning a wedding may be likened to staging a Broadway production, and with it comes to the first night jitters, that everything comes off as a smashing success.

Since actors have a director to offer guidance and advice before they take the stage, it is only fitting that brides and grooms have a little help too. Wedding planners can be just the support needed by a couple planning their special day.

Professional Expertise
When the main players, the bride and groom, may have a favorite photographer or band, they probably have had little experience with an event of such personalized proportions. Furthermore, the sheer volume of details and staging can be overwhelming, and cut into the couple’s career responsibilities and hectic lifestyle.

When you feel that you do not have the time or expertise to plan your festivities, you can hire the professional services of wedding consultant.

A wedding consultant should not be considered as an extra expense. In fact, the consultant has the expertise to produce the best possible wedding within your budget.

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